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Known Issues

Fixed 2005.08.03 The registration system is not working. The HTTP component throws an exception when Desktop Planner tries to connect to the registration server.

Fixed 2005.05.09 The position and line count of the form are not saved if the program is running at system shut down.

Fixed 2005.03.30 When the desktop planner is docked to a screen edge, if the size changes, the desktop planner bases its position on the top left corner of the form, not on the docked edge. I will be modifying this behavior so that if you have the planner docked to the bottom or left edges, it will remain docked when the number of entries changes.

Fixed 2005.03.30 Related to the above, there is no way to specify a maximum height for the desktop planner. I will be addingthat option as well

  Fixed 2005.03.30 I have seen the desktop planner lose all the data it has stored, with no really traceable cause. I'm not sure why it does this, but I'm reasonably sure it's because I've got a bug somewhere.
I was able to isolate the problem - if the desktop planner is running when the system is shut down, the data is not stored into the registry. I guess the registry shuts down faster than the planner. To fix this, I'm going to write data to the registry as soon as it is changed.

Fixed 2005.03.29 The Desktop Planner is currently glued to the top right corner of your screen. I have had several requests for a more mobile form. I will be modifying the form to allow users to move it, and it will "snap" to the edges of the screen when it gets close enough. Might not be in 1.0, but it will be included in an update.