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Desktop Planner is now owned by IdeaStorm Software. This is a great step forward for Desktop Planner, since it means it will receive more attention than it has over the past few years. Planned improvements include a finalized version 2 release, a web based version, mobile versions for iPhone and Android devices, and live synchronization between all your devices.
Work started on Deskplan 2
Yes, it's true. I have finally started working on version 2 of Desktop Planner. I'm shortening the name to Deskplan 2, but don't worry - current users of Desktop Planner will still get free upgrades to Deskplan 2. Some of the features I have planned include language packs to localize the program for non-english speakers, multiple desktop window options (allowing you to separate your task list from your calendar, for example), and an explorer toolbar (so you can have deskplan always ready in your Taskbar). Even though these represent a serious overhaul of the way Desktop Planner works on the inside, the interface should still be familiar. If you have any ideas for Deskplan 2, please let me know using the suggestions page.
New website design
The website has gotten a minor facelift. Hopefully the new design is more informative as to what it is Desktop Planner is and does. Any comments are welcome - just use the contact form.
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