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Getting Started

If my computer crashes, can I reactivate Desktop Planner for free?
One of the things I wanted to make sure I did was make it so you could reinstall desktop planner if your computer crashed - or even if you just wanted to move it to another computer. If your computer crashes, or you get a new computer, you can log on to the website and remove the activation from one computer so that it can be used on another computer. So, for a short answer, yes, you can redownload and reactivate for free.
I'm getting the error "Your Payment Session has expired. To complete this transaction you will need to enter your information again." when I try to pay.
There are a couple of possible causes for this error. The first is that your connection is timing out. If it takes more than five minutes to process the transaction, it will time out, and you will need to try again.
The second cause for this error is that your computer is not accepting session cookies. Session cookies are a method used by many websites to temporarily store information about your connection on your computer. The cookie is removed when the web browser is closed, making session cookies one of the more secure methods of storing session information. However, your browser may be configured to block session cookies. Additionally, if you have a firewall installed, it may block session cookies as well.

To make sure your browser is set to accept session cookies, please follow the following instructions:

Mozilla Firefox users:
1. From the Tools menu, select "Options".
2. Click the Privacy icon.
3. Click the Cookies tab.
4. Select the "Allow sites to set cookies" option.
5. Click OK.

Internet Explorer 6.0:
1. Start, Settings, Control Panel (or Click Start, then Control Panel for Windows XP)
2. Choose Internet Options
3. Select Privacy | Advanced
4. Check "Override automatic cookie handling"
5. Check "Always allow session cookies"
6. Click OK
7. Close all browser windows
8. Open a new browser window and try again.

For Internet Explorer 5.5 and below:
1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel
2. Double-click Internet Options
3. then Security tab | Custom Level
4. Scroll to Allow per-session cookies
5. Select Enable
6. Click OK to save your changes
7. Close all browser windows
8. Open a new browser window and try again.

The test: to see if the firewall is the source of the problem, switch off the firewall temporarily (you may need to restart your computer) and try to use Paypal again. If it now works you know the firewall needs re-configuring.
The fix: you need to change the settings on your firewall to allow cookies, or at least session cookies. See your firewall help or manual for details.
Hey! I've got this thing running, but I don't how know to do anything!
Most of the Desktop Planner's functionality is through context menus. Click on the planner with your right mouse button, and you'll see a list of things you can do with the item under your mouse.
My planner disappeared! Where did it go?
Look in your system tray. (the part of the Windows task bar that has a clockin it - it's usually at the bottom right corner of your screen) There should be a small diamond shaped icon with the letters "DP" on it. Click on thaticon to bring the Planner back onto your desktop. If that does not seem to work, right click once on the icon, then left click once. If you want to bring up the calendar, just double click the icon to bring it up. If you've used the show desktop command (Windows Key+D, or the Show Desktop icon in the Quick Link Menu) you'll need to bring up the calendar to get the planner back.
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